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      CHAPTER IV. THE RECRUITS ARE ASSIGNED TO COMPANIES."Cendar and his friends" Norma began.

      "Old Billings, who used to be Lieutenant-Colonel, is Provost-Marshal. He's Lieutenant-Colonel of our regiment. He'll be likely to give you a great song and dance, especially if he finds out that you belonged to the old regiment. But don't let it sink too deep on you. I'll stand by you, if there's anything I can do."

      As she rode o'er the downs.

      Ime sayin'. I want you to send word out to the house at once

      "Interesting," Rogier said. "May we take it that this is a sample of the work you have been doing?"

      "Hello, Groundhog, is that you?" said Billings, turning around. "Just the man I wanted to see. Finish your breakfast and come out here. I want to talk to you."

      "He'll easily git another pl?aceI'll find him one myself. And, motherthere's something more. Now you haven't got f?ather to work fur, you'll find the time unaccountable long. Wot if you let Becky go, and did the cooking and that yourself?"The boy shrugged and frowned.



      "He's a stouter man than his brother."